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The Services

We believe the dreams of American business leaders like you are our country’s most valuable resourceOur PEO services were created to give you the freedom to reach these dreams and do more of what you love to do. We exist to protect the spirit of entrepreneurship in owners, leaders, managers, and employees everywhere.

We provide relief from administrative burdens, business costs, and compliance risk in four main areas:

  • HR & Compliance
  • Payroll & Tax
  • Employee Benefits
  • Workers’ Comp & Safety

People truly are the most important asset of any business. Managing them well, and in compliance with all those regulatory laws, takes somebody’s time. Will it be yours?
Have more time to spend on what you and your team does uniquely well rather than spending a quarter of your time navigating employment rules.

Business leaders who are able to put more focus on growing their business instead of employee related details have a distinct advantage. As a Professional Employer Organization, we can give you this advantage. We give your business the PEO advantage.

One simple payment per payroll cycle will give you access to over 50 business solutions that will relieve administrative burdens, reduce and control business costs, and manage risk and compliance.

Payroll and Tax

Get payroll and taxes done efficiently and accurately by relying on our flexible design to handle even the most complex payroll and tax needs. Our technology and design is able to allow you to scale your business without adding all the incremental costs typically required.

Our flexible and powerful payroll and tax module allows our clients the ability to confidently grow their business by meeting each client’s unique needs. By supporting unique payroll and tax needs from very large to very small companies, our solutions will make you feel confident about payroll and tax.

Employee Benefits

Our intuitive user experience quickly walks employees through their benefit enrollment process and allows them to compare different plans and select those that best meet their life needs.

No matter what the software, our intuitive user experience will quickly walk you and your employees through their benefits enrollment process and allow them to compare different plans and select those that best meet their life needs.

HR and Compliance

With our online HR tools, you can take control of your human resource needs, or you can let our experts handle it. It’s your choice! By using our online tools in conjunction with our service team, you have access to HR services normally only afforded by some of the largest companies.

Stay in compliance by tracking important claim information and ensure proper billing and cost rates. With our online reporting and analysis tools, you can export the reports you need anytime of the day.

Safety and Work Comp

We know that money spent on work comp claims could be better spent on things that improve your company. But small to medium-size businesses often lack the funds or manpower to achieve the level of training, risk management, and cost-control measures that large companies enjoy. That’s where we come in.

We will give your business the training, risk management, and cost-control measures that only large companies typically enjoy.

Technology Platform

Get support across the employee lifecycle — from onboarding to benefits enrollment — with an online platform. Intuitive tools and permissions give both employers and employees access to the data they need.

Gain the insight you need to make people decisions in every aspect of your business with powerful, customizable HR and Payroll reports.

Our Solution

We have dynamic, intuitive solutions for all of your business’ needs in HR & Compliance, Payroll & Tax, Employee Benefits, Workers’ Comp & Safety, and more. Our platform is designed to put you in control while freeing up your time so you can run your business and providing expert help and advice when you need it. 

Bottom Line

We will help you find the right answer for your business so you can spend more time focusing on running and growing your company and less time worrying about administrative tasks, painful logistics, and time-consuming paperwork.

How would your business change if you never had to worry about administrative tasks related to having employees? When you partner with PES you have an entire team of experienced hr, payroll, benefits, worker‘ comp, and safety experts looking out for your business. Unlike other payroll and hr outsourcing solutions, we co-employ your employees. we share in your risk and liability. We give you access to large group employer discounts. We don’t just give you software to do the work yourself, we actually do the work for you.

Other solutions we provide employers

Services for Startups – You can remain a “full-time entrepreneur with employees” instead of becoming a “full-time employer.” Be lean. Be nimble. Be fast. Even after the employees come. We are the ultimate administrative solution for startups and a secret weapon to help keep your team focused on what you do best. Startups can grow fast and need flexibility.

Have over 50 Employees? – Partner with us to allow your in-house HR team to move from tactical HR to strategic management of people that helps them improve engagement, productivity, service, and your bottom line. You will also gain access to HRIS and timekeeping technology, and advanced benefits and insurance offerings at more competitive price points.

Selling Your Business? –Selling a business involves a major transition of legal and relational responsibility between the buyer, seller, and the employees and clients involved. We’ve all heard the saying, “the devil is in the details.” It couldn’t be more true when you’re selling a business.

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Alternative Dispute Resolution is a unique program we offer to our clients to help them stay out of the courtroom when it comes to employee lawsuits. This one-of-a-kind solution has saved countless dollars, enormous amounts of time, and kept disputes private for our clients.

Employee Background Checks – Are your background checks effective, compliant with EEOC, FCRA, and other agencies? PES has partnered with who provides background checks for our clients and is legally compliant on all of their disclosure forms, fast, safe, and effective.

Drug Testing – What’s your drug testing policy? We can help your business navigate this extremely complex area and create an effective and compliant policy to protect you and your employees. Then, we’ll help make sure you have the drug testing resources you need when the time comes.

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