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Payroll & Tax

Worry less about payroll and more about running your business. We want you to be able to relax and forget about all the details related to payroll and get back to running your business.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are a huge component of attracting and keeping the best talent out there. Whether you’re looking at healthcare, flex-spending accounts, EAP, life and accident, disability or a 401k retirement plan, we’re here to make your life easier.

Work Comp & Safety

We know that money spent on work comp claims could be better spent on things that improve your company. We will give your business the training, risk management, and cost-control measures that only large companies typically enjoy.

HR & Compliance

With the online HR tools we use, you can youcan let our experts handle it. It’s your choice! By using our online tools in conjunction with our service team, you have access to HR services normally only afforded by some of the largest companies.

We couldn’t be more excited to unify our great services and attention to our clients with powerful and dynamic software.

Quick Payroll Approval

With the unique dashboard that include your customized widgets and KPI’s, you can quickly and easily see the payroll you need to approve or decline for your managed employees.

You can also see the gross to net, invoice, check register and even view pdfs of what your checks will look life, once approved. Our system also allows you to review the results of completed payrolls. Every single payroll we provide for you is accessible.

More accessible and quickly approved payroll means your employees getting paid on time, and that means happier employees. And yes, you can even do it from your phone!

Payroll Services

No matter what the software, our intuitive user experience will quickly walk you and your employees through their benefits enrollment process and allow them to compare different plans and select those that best meet their life needs.

HR Management Tools

Be Empowered – With our online HR tools, you will be empowered and be able to take control of your human resource needs, or let us do it.

Get Big Company Services – By using our online tools in conjunction with our service team, you have access to HR services only afforded by some of the largest companies.

Library – Our online document library lets you and your employees create your own library of information accessible at any time.  Employees can upload documents and forms that can be kept in history as long as needed.

Intuitive – With a focus on your experience, your employees will find it quick and easy to get on boarded with you.

HR Tools and Services

Applicant Tracking

With our integrated third party applicant tracking software, you can create jobs with just a few clicks and post them on all the popular job sites. By posting on popular job boards, as well as a proprietary database of job seekers, you will reach more candidates.  You can choose to receive profiles of candidates that only match your background and specifications.

You will be able to manage the hiring process by reviewing candidates via video or online conferencing, review voice interviews, schedule in person interviews, have candidates answer certain online questions, and manage this entire process to find the right people.  Once hired, they can be onboarded automatically.

Other Amazing Features

Stay up to date on the bottomline information about your company with custom date range insights.

Store and maintain your own GL account numbers to create custom files for importing into your own accounting system or software.

With four different categories of reporting, you can easily build your own graphs and reports to save and use anytime.

Web interface, mobile apps, and on premise time clocks allow employees to log their time wherever they are.

Customize workflows for each different employee type you have, or use just one for all of them.

Be provided with information about plan affordability with your employees so they can stay in compliance.

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